Grudzień 2022

Pop-up Gallery
Nowy Świat 29

Hosted in what is sure to become a landmark pop-up art venue, this exquisitely conceived exhibition Intricatus represents a coming together of celebrated painters whose resonant and shimmering aesthetic, replete with intricate themes of figurative stillness and quiet elan, are captured by the twin complements of craft and imaginative wealth. Inspired by plenary sojourns in Lithuania, the West of Ireland and Alpine climes, the artworks of Iwona Rossochacka-Kenny arrest our gaze with their seductive art-deco tones and hues; that possess in turn an enigmatic yearning to return to homelier and forgotten truths relating to our place in nature. Such sensibilities also foreground the prismatic dazzle of Beata Walczak’s colourful canvases, which scrutinise both rooted spaces and allegorical spectrums of femininity; offering a focality on carriage and composure; pose and poise. With their shared insight and work-ethic exuberance, Rossochacka-Kenny and Walczak have forged a commonality and consonance which can only underpin their continued elevation as artists of striking importance. Barry Keane